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2600 Series Aluminium 1.2m Wide x 1.2m Long Mobile Scaffold

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The most widely used mobile tower in the New Zealand and Australian hire industries.

Dimensions of the tower 1.2m wide x 1.2m long

The original mobile scaffold with grooved tubed transoms providing additional safety in the workplace.

Constructed with tough extruded aluminium tube and with more aluminium in every TIG welded frame, this means improved strength and durability, allowing you more productivity and a longer service life.

Oldfields Advance 2600 Series mobile towers have been tested and meet the Medium Duty requirements of Australian/New Zealand Scaffolding Standard AS/NZS1576.3-1995

The Oldfields Advance 2600 series Aluminium Scaffold Tower is manufactured from 2.6mm wall thickness aluminium tubing

With rung spacing on the frames of 0.5m there is no need for special handrail frames and all frames are building and handrail frames making these scaffolds able to be 100% utilised

These scaffolds are currently used by major construction companies as well as hire companies throughout New Zealand due to there robustness and ease of use

Approved to AS:NZ 1576:1995


Frame Heights: 1.0m / 1.5m
Transom spacings: 500mm
Tubes Outside Diameter: 48.6mm

All Mobile Scaffold Towers with a top handrail 5.0m or above must be erected by a holder of a current Certificate of Competence.

1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m
Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity
1.2m Wide 1.0m Frame 2 4 2
1.2m Wide 1.5m Frame 2 4 2 4
1.2m Horizontal Brace 6 6 6 6
1.2m Diagonal Brace 3 4 4 5
1.2m Deck Plain 1 1 1 1
1.2m Deck Hatch 1 1 1 1
Adjustable Castors 4 4 4 4
1.8m Ladder with Arms 1
2.4m Ladder with Arms 1
3.0m Ladder with Arms 1
3.6m Ladder with Arms 1
1.2m Toeboard 2 2 2 2
1.2m Toeboard 2 2 2 2


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