Regarded as the headquarters for our entire New Zealand operations we are based in Penrose.

We operate two separate divisions, giving customers a choice of what type of scaffolding they require.

The steel division which builds both traditional tube and clip scaffolding as well as using proprietary systems. By having access to both of these options this give us the ability to tailor your scaffold to exactly how you need it. Most commonly our steel scaffolders are found working on one of many residential developments around Auckland, including but not limited to Stonefields, Hobsonville Point or Beachlands.

The aluminium division specialises in mobile towers and proprietary systems. The advantage of both of these systems is the speed which we can get in and out. For quick small jobs where you don't want the scaffold for an extended period of time aluminium is your best choice.  Our aluminium staff tend to operate all around Auckland carrying out short term jobs for all sorts of reasons; Repainting, renovating and industrial work. We also have a specialist fibreglass system in mobile scaffold towers.