Michael Robins - Director

Has been involved in the scaffolding industry for 30 years. Mike, a trained accountant previously worked in importing and wholesaling of consumer products in Europe during the 1980’s. During a visit back home in New Zealand, he was introduced to the scaffolding industry by a family member and went from there. Today Mike is the Managing Director of Access Scaffolding and Advance Scaffold. Most of his time now is spent making sure we are doing our jobs and keeping everybody safe.


Lawrence Langford - Operations Manager

Started out scaffolding as a teenager in Wellington back in 1988. Lawrence has held a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding since 1998 as well as being certified in Industrial Abseiling and Height Rescue. With extensive experience in both the commercial and residential construction industries, Lawrence has the knowledge to plan and direct his guys to deliver a scaffold that the client needs. If you have a job that requires perfect planning and execution, Lawrence is your man.


Calvin Milner – Aluminium Contracts Manager

Calvin first started scaffolding in 2005, working in his school holidays for extra pocket money. Since then he has worked in a variety of fields, from building to personal training but decided to come back to where it all started. With his experience in a variety of industries Calvin understands the different requirements that each customer has and uses his experience to provide out of the box solutions to access issues. Calvin holds a National Certificate of Intermediate Scaffolding. If you have a last minute or short-term job that requires immediate attention, Calvin is the guy to talk to.


Oskar Robins – Sales Manager

Oskar has been around since 2007, initially working part time during school holidays and eventually joining the team after completing his tertiary studies. Oskar holds a National Certificate in Elementary Scaffolding. If you have a question about or products or would like to enquire in purchasing some scaffolding, Oskar is who you want to talk to.


Carol Robertson - Office Supervisor

Carol has been with us for the larger part of 20 years. One of our longest serving employees, Carol has extensive experience in office and management systems as well as accounts in a number of related industries. If you have any questions or would like to be directed to the right person, Carol is the lady to call.



We pride ourselves in having a team of competent, friendly and approachable staff that will always be happy to speak to you no matter what the time or your request. We value every staff member and they do their best to provide you with the service that you deserve.