What We do

New Builds – We can build a full scaffold for your new house builds, either off plans or as you go. Building around a bare slab is the best way to go and it ensures you won’t be waiting for us to finish. When we build scaffolds on new sites we keep all trades in mind.

Repaints – When repainting a house, we can ensure you have a safe platform at a suitable distance from your wall. We will make sure life can continue as normal by leaving openings in doorways and wherever else is appropriate, you’d be surprised at how easy this can be to overlook.

Extensions – Whether an extra room or garage is being added on we can supply a scaffold that will accommodate all your needs.

Renovations – When installing new furnishings inside houses or redecorating, you would be surprise at how handy a scaffold is, whether using a Zippy Scaff as a trolley or a work platform it will make your job that little bit easier.

Internal Scaffolds – Due to Worksafe NZ requirements even small jobs such as installing window blinds and shutters in a foyer can require the need for a scaffold. We take extra care when working inside your home or building and guarantee to not damage a thing.

Mobile Scaffolds – We specialise in mobile towers, as both retailers and hirers. We can supply all sorts of mobile scaffolds to suit any need, from multiple bays to extra width, we will have a solution for you. Just give us a call and we will sort you out.

Lightweight Scaffolds – With our aluminium ringlock system we can erect scaffolds that weigh next to nothing when compared to traditional steel scaffolds. Perfect for erecting on any type of roof or any other area that can only sustain a low dead load scaffold.

Access Towers – Need short term access to hard to get to areas? A simple tower can be erected in less than an hour, to solve your issues. These have mainly been used on unorthodox film sets where precious actors needed to get over a farm fence or some other small obstacle.

Stair Towers – We use a special form of staircase units that within a 2.57m ringlock bay. These staircases have less of a slope than the traditional “Z” stairs, thus less chance of hitting your head while walking up and down. To make it even better we build them in 1 metre wide bays which allow easy traffic flow up and down.

Non-Conducting Scaffolds – We have a fibreglass mobile scaffold option that is fully inert to electricity. This mobile scaffold is part of our 2600 Series and works with the aluminium system. Recently these mobile scaffolds have been used by Chorus and their contractors installing the Ultra-Fast Broadband on power lines throughout New Zealand.

Dry Hire – We are happy to hire individual scaffolding components to suit your needs. We have a range of tube, fittings, planks, aluminium and steel proprietary systems to choose from.

Sales – We stock our sales products in Petone,ranging from Tube and Clip to Mobile Scaffold Towers. We sell or can get you any scaffolding components or accessory you can think of.

Site Assessments – We are happy to send our trained and qualified staff to assess your site either for safety risks associated with working at height or for a free quotation in regard to your scaffolding needs.