Our Products

We have a wide range of scaffolding products for you to hire or buy. We stock three different types of mobile scaffold towers, including non-conducting fibreglass.


Zippy Scaff

The best minor scaffold on the market. This is an extremely versatile scaffold built with multiple trades and DIY customers in mind. Movement is easy, when folded up it can be wheeled through a standard doorway.Ready for use in seconds, it can also act as a trolley for moving equipment around the home, office, factory or work site. Alternate working heights can easily be achieved in seconds by adjusting the working platform.

The Zippy Scaff also has a range of add-ons to increase your working heights such as the Guardrail Pack (allows you to work up to 2.0 metres), or the two Extension Packs (Adding an additional metre to your work platform, above the Guardrail Pack). The Zippy Scaff is also available in a Fibreglass option


Aluminium 2600 Series

The original mobile scaffold with grooved tubed transoms providing additional safety on the worksite. This product was developed by Oldfields Advance Scaffolding in Australia and is widely used in the New Zealand hire industry from international heavyweights Kennards to local operators such as Huntley Hire. Constructed with tough aluminium tube, frames are more robust than traditional frame tubes used on most mobile scaffold towers.

Every frame is built to last with more aluminium in every full TIG welded frame. This means improved strength allowing you more productivity. The life of these frames is also enhanced by the additional wall thickness (2.6mm). The decks are bolt assembled with captive slip-resistant plywood to provide more safety when working up high in the wet. All braces come with snap lock brace hooks to provide both improved safety and ease of erection.

Erecting a 2600 Mobile Scaffold Tower is made even easier by the 500mm rung spacing as all frames are Base Frames, Building Frames and Guardrail Frames, so you can just get stuck into building rather than spending half the time organising what goes where! All our mobile scaffolding towers are supplied with robust 200mm swiveling adjustable castors with a directional brake that provides users with a safe base to work off in all ground conditions.

We stand by our TIG welded frames and provide a lifetime warranty on the welds! Available immediately in the traditional 0.7 metre or 1.2 metre widths or 1.8 metre widths by indent order. Oldfields Advance 2600 Series Mobile Towers have been tested and meet the Medium Duty (SWL 450kg) requirements for AS/NZS1576.3-1995.


Fibreglass 2600 Series

The 2600 Series is also available in fibreglass. Perfect for safety when in electrical environments. Surprisingly affordable and exceptionally safe the Fibreglass 2600 Series is a viable alternative to aluminium. Fibreglass is suitable for use in electrical environments ranging from substations to computer rooms to power poles. Recently our fibreglass mobile scaffolds have been used by chorus and their sub contractors for the installation of Ultra-Fast Broadband.

All components are lightweight and easy to handle, inert to the majority of chemicals, corrosion resistant and bright orange for visibility. Just like the Aluminium 2600 Series the decks are made of slip-resistant plywood, all frames are able to be used as Base, Building and Guardrail Frames as well as being supplied on 200mm adjustable castors. The Fibreglass 2600 Series has been tested and meets the AS/NZS1576.3-1995 requirements.


Pro Series

Oldfields ensures every frame has been built to last with exceptional quality and long life durability. This means a safer and more productive scaffold with improved strength and a longer service life. The high strength aluminium frames and decks are fully TIG welded and covered by Oldfields lifetime warranty on their welds! The braces are built with ease of use for customers in mind with single triggers locking the head of the brace to frames.

The frames of decks are not only welded together they also come with slip resistant plywood for even better safety when working in the wet. All our mobile scaffolding towers are supplied with robust 200mm swiveling adjustable castors with a directional brake that provides users with a safe base to work off in all ground conditions. The benefit of the Pro Series is that although it is traditionally used as mobile scaffolding it has the versatility and product range to be turned into a static scaffolding system with their 2 metre Walk-Through Frames!

Available in the traditional 0.7 metre or 1.2 metre widths immediately or 3.0 metre, 2.4 metre and 1.8 metre widths by indent order. The Pro-Series Mobile Scaffolding Towers have been tested to AS/NZS1576.3-1995 and meet the requirements of a SWL of 225kg per platform.


Tube and Coupler

Tube and coupler scaffolding is the original form of scaffolding used around the world. The basic components involved are tubes, fittings and planks. Regulations dictate the minimum width and height of a bay as well as the maximum width, height and length of bays. The length of a bay as well as the putlog spacings dictate whether the scaffold is rated for light duty – 225kg, medium duty – 450kg or heavy duty 675kg.

This is the most versatile form of scaffolding as there are no precise sizes that must be considered. Although training is required to understand and build with tube and clip, a competent person can erect a scaffold up to 4.0m before requiring a National Certificate in Scaffolding.We sell bundles of 6.5m steel tube and are happy to supply smaller sizes upon enquiry.


Scaffolding Systems

Aluminium Kwikstage

An aluminium adaptation on the traditional Kwikstage scaffolding system. Oldfields has engineered this system to be compatible with both their 2600 Series and Pro Series mobile scaffolding towers.The aluminium Kwikstage system replaces the need for walk-through frames to utilise the most from your equipment and gives you the flexibility to build scaffolds around corners without the use of non-proprietary equipment.

Standards (uprights) are available in 3.0m, 2.0m, 1.5m and 1.0m heights, ledgers and decks are both available in the same sizes as the mobile systems e.g. 2600 Series lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.0m. Fast and simple to erect with a wedge connection that links components together for a solid build.

Although you can use your diagonal braces from your mobile towers, the aluminium Kwikstage system also has braces that space an entire lift of one bay. Available on indent order only, please contact our sales staff for more information.


Steel Ringlock

Ringlock Scaffolding is the industry standard for scaffolding systems, surpassing traditional scaffolding systems. Ringlock is the scaffolding of choice globally for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories as well as shipyards, airfields, theatres, arenas, highway and bridge construction sites.

With the entire range of components offered, Ringlock Scaffolding is ideal for all sorts of demanding environments where traditional scaffolding systems would struggle to provide a satisfactory solution. Ringlock Scaffolding offers unlimited versatility. For complicated plans and assembly situations or for complex architectural features and compliance with the new health and safety regulations, nothing surpasses Ringlocks adaptability. Thanks to its unique connection technology and unrivalled assembly speed, Ringlock Scaffolding is the leading choice for economic, quality modular scaffolding.

Ringlock can be used as a solid propping system, with a lift every 2.0m a load of 45kn per standard, 1.5m a load of 60kN per standard and with a lift every 1.0m a load of 70kN can be sustained up to 6.0m in height. Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is the most commonly used scaffolding system in New Zealand.


Aluminium Ringlock

Ringlock Scaffolding in aluminum is used when scaffolding equipment must be transported manually, where low dead weight or special aesthetics are required or where the use of steel is prohibited by the physics of the structure. With all the benefits of Ringlock Scaffolding Non-rusting, lightweight aluminium Proscaf is easier to handle and doubles the volume to weight ratio of your gear, saving time and logistics costs.

Proscaf steel and aluminium can be used within one installation – often with the steel providing the robust base, and lightweight aluminium creating efficiencies at the higher levels. Aluminium Ringlock can be used to particular advantage where weight is an issue including: rolling towers, suspended scaffolding, scenery in theatres, trade fairs and events situations where the support base is at risk of damage eg: historic natural masonry requires refurbishing, but is crumbling under the effects of the environment and hence is unable to bear the weight of steel scaffolding. Your advantages: faster assembly low loading weight less physical strain on the scaffolders