Ringlock Scaffolding in aluminum is used when scaffolding equipment must be transported manually, where low dead weight or special aesthetics are required or where the use of steel is prohibited by the physics of the structure.

With all the benefits of Ringlock Scaffolding non-rusting, lightweight aluminium Proscaf is easier to handle and doubles the volume to weight ratio of your gear, saving time and logistics costs.

Proscaf steel and aluminium can be used within one installation – often with the steel providing the robust base, and lightweight aluminium creating efficiencies at the higher levels.

Aluminium Ringlock can be used to particular advantage where weight is an issue including: rolling towers, suspended scaffolding, scenery in theatres, trade fairs and events situations where the support base is at risk of damage eg: historic natural masonry requires refurbishing, but is crumbling under the effects of the environment and hence is unable to bear the weight of steel scaffolding.

Your advantages: faster assembly low loading weight less physical strain on the scaffolders

Aluminium Ringlock Scaffold System