The 2600 Series is also available in fibreglass. Perfect for safety when in electrical environments. Surprisingly affordable and exceptionally safe the Fibreglass 2600 Series is a viable alternative to aluminium.

Fibreglass is suitable for use in electrical environments ranging from substations to computer rooms to power poles.

Recently our fibreglass mobile scaffolds have been used by chorus and their sub contractors for the installation of Ultra-Fast Broadband.

All components are lightweight and easy to handle, inert to the majority of chemicals, corrosion resistant and bright orange for visibility.

Just like the Aluminium 2600 Series the decks are made of slip-resistant plywood, all frames are able to be used as Base, Building and Guardrail Frames as well as being supplied on 200mm adjustable castors.

The Fibreglass 2600 Series has been tested and meets the AS/NZS1576.3-1995 requirements.

Fibreglass Scaffolding Mobile Tower